Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper: the indispensible bitcoin book to discover  the next chapter of humanity

Popper’s book stands as a necessary reading

Bethany McLean, The New York Times

Literary Awards: Financial Awards and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Nominee for shortlist

Why buy it:

  • To understand bitcoin deeply: its birth, purpose and characteristics.
  • A clear reconstruction of Bitcoin’s path to success: its technological peculiarities and its turbulent history


It’s not a surprise that this bitcoin book appeals to all the people who want to know if this monetary revolution will lead us to a new world of fintech and finance.

The book drives the reader through a thorough description of the bitcoin technology, giving a clear idea of all its characteristics that could attract, in the future, people who intend to refuse fiat currency and start using the digital currency. For example, it explains how this technology moves money all around the world in real time and how it protects the identity of the payer and payee while being registered on the public ledger.

Another question that the book focuses on is why money shouldn’t undergo a technological improvement just like any other thing in the world, which gets created, put on the market and then disrupted.


The bitcoin book allows the reader to take a closer look at the mysterious founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, the person (or people) who released the Bitcoin White Paper in 2008 and invented the blockchain technology.


At the end of the book Popper argues that bitcoin could be the brainchild of Nick Szabo, but the reader is left free to have a different opinion. Another possible candidate for the invention of bitcoin, according to the author, could be Hal Finney, a computer scientist who died in 2014. Understanding the profile of these possible inventors and of other promoters of the digital currency sheds light on the original purposes of bitcoin.

As the technology gains more appeal, the author brings to the surface all his doubts and all the contradictions of the digital currency, such as the fraud of MtGox and its frequent use by criminals and by the deep web. Popper also dedicates a section to Ross Ulbricht, the so-called Pablo Escobar of the internet.

For readers who wish to know everything (pros and cons) about the money revolution, Popper’s work is the definitive book about bitcoin.

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N.1 must-read book about bitcoin


Invaluable page turner


Great primer on bitcoin


A definitive guide for bitcoin


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