How to Invest In Bitcoin: definitive guide for a profitable trading

The highest quality information condensed in a book with less than 150 pages.

It doesn’t matter wether bitcoin goes up or down, you just have to be right, and this is what this book will teach you.

This is an extremely well structured bitcoin book written by Harvard University graduates James McDonald and Zachary Kastenhuber to provide extremely valuable knowledge for the structuring of an investment strategy on bitcoin trading. The two authors are both experts in economics, finance and investing. James McDonald was nominated as one of the top 10 US financial advisors by and worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies before joining BBVA Wealth Management. Zachary Kastenhuber has developed algorithmic systems to invest successfully on the market, especially in cryptocurrency trading.

Why buy this book:

Learn about markets and how to approach daily moves as a professional trader.

Gain the big picture on phenomena of bitcoin trading strategies, just like for any other cryptocurrency.

Receive the insights of two professional traders on how to deal with your emotions throughout the trading process.

Understand complex concepts thanks to simple language and clear explanations.

Why not to buy this book:

If you are looking for information on the technological nature of bitcoin, on its history and on the way companies use it. In this case I recommended Digital Gold, the book recommended by The New York Times. Read the review.

If you want to know more about blockchain: the book I prefer the most is Blockchain Basics. Read the review.

If you want to know more about illegal actions made with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the best source is definitely American Kingpin, the story of the “Pablo Escobar” of the Internet.

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