Blockchain basics: the book to deeply understand the technology behind the financial revolution

Blockchain basics is a great blockchain book for non-technical people who want to better understand the fintech that could lead to the most relevant revolution of 21st century, even bigger than the Internet. We have to say that blockchain is at its first stage of evolution and could bring to unimaginable developments.

The book is a precious source of information for non-technical people. Thanks to this guide, you will learn:

– what Blockchain is

– why the industry needs it and uses it

– what problems it solves

– why the world of finance and technology are both so excited about it.

– which are the major components of this technology and their role

– how these components interact

– how to recognize the fake news surrounding the subject

– which are its major applications an the fintech and elsewhere

Blockchain Basics is available on Amazon at a special price.

This blockchain book will guide you in 25 simple steps; no maths or code skills are required or will be discussed. There are simple illustrations, metaphors and examples that will help you understand the very few critical concepts. This book stands on the border between the lands of technology and business, a perfect viewpoint to understand the upcoming revolution.

Don’t buy it if:

– You want to know the history of blockchain and bitcoin since its very beginning: if this is what you’re looking for, take a look at Digital Gold. Review available here.

– You want to receive insights and trading skills: if this is what you’re looking for, I recommend How to Invest in Bitcoin by two Harvard minds. Review available here.

– If you want to know more about illegal actions involving bitcoin: if this is what you’re looking for, I recommend American Kingpin, the story of the Pablo Escobar of the Internet.

The perfect guide for informed but not technical people

Buy it on Amazon NOW

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