Bitmain Antminer s9: the best hardware for bitcoin mining

Even if the competition for bitcoin mining is becoming tougher and tougher, the Antminer s9 is definitely the best performing piece on the market.

Although the cost of electricity isn’t as low as you would like, the margins at the moment still give a good earning margin.

In the last months the Chinese reduced the margin of mining process profitability mainly because their energy supply improved. Despite this, the Antminer s9 still has a great profit margin thanks to the following characteristics:

– A new semiconductor, which brings great energy optimization

– The s9 can fully work even with a normal energy supply thanks to the above optimization

In February 2017 it was estimated that the Antminer would mine 0,285 BTC per month. Although competition is now higher, you would still have a positive return of investment in just a few months (ROI).

You won’t need any external piece except for the energy supply: I recommend the EVGA SuperNova 850 for extremely competitive performance.

Reviewers on the web found it extremely well structured and profitable.

Disclosure: the earning yield depends on your electricity costs.

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